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by Sam Kauffman of Zika Hamstery

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    Broj generacija: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Kingly Dancer Jeffija
    Yes I'm Ringgo Gasko Prim
    Kayleigh's Sterling Dreamland
    Waveney Caught In Time
    DKK 12650/2007, ANKC 5100037053
    Tookurra Catch A Star
    ANKC 5100025584
    Waveney Midnyt Impressn
    ANKC 5100023989
    Sterling Dutch Treat
    Borderwind Sterling Gold
    Sterling Belle
    Never Ending Love Gasko Prim
    Kuhaylan's Oz-The Candyman-M
    ZBrH 10319
    Wildblue Diamond In The Ruff
    AKC DN00038703
    Wildblue Infinity
    AKC DL90568803
    I'm Smarti Gasko Prim
    Tonkory Valley Of The Storm
    NHSB 2350701 (KC AB03710901)
    Tosari Czech This Out
    Unique Hot Chilli From Borders Paradise
    Finnegan To Go From Borders Paradise
    Rhonabwy Total Eclipse
    Winpara Walkin On Thsun
    Rhonabwy Whispering Kate
    Projekt Brainstorm Beam Me Up
    ZBrH 4916
    Juvine Stand And Deliver
    Borderline Country My Melody
    Indian Summer From Borders Paradise
    ZBrH 10107
    Jessomine Aussie Merlot
    PKR I 53176, ANKC 4100083050
    Trucharm Royal Tartan
    ANKC 2100121157
    Kentish Shiraz
    ANKC 6100027283
    Classicyds Congeniality
    Monochrome Currencycreek
    ANKC 2100056644
    Gremaric Indian Pacific
    Legend Of Braveheart Forbidden Love Meghann
    Clan-Abby Nz Tartan Piper
    ROI 11/63623, NZKC 08174/2010
    Nz Kiwi Murphy Of Clan-Abby
    NZKC 07210/2003
    Clan-Abby Nz Kiwi Robbie
    NZKC 03593/2002
    Thunder Too At Clan-Abby
    NZKC 07732/1994
    Trumagik To Clanscott
    ANKC 4100052381
    Hazie-Star At Clan-Abby
    NZKC 01614/1996
    Glentress Chain Reaction
    ANKC 1280181
    Clan-Abby Christmas Star Of Serenecrest
    NZKC 03161/1994
    Clan-Abby Nz Tartan Tazette
    NZKC 033/2007
    Tazman Trekker O Clan-Abby
    NZKC 01898/2005
    Clan-Abby Hiland Trekker
    NZKC 06117/1997
    Trumagik To Clanscott
    ANKC 4100052381
    Nz-Princess From Clan-Abby
    NZKC 04703/2000
    Xmas-Cracker At Clan-Abby
    NZKC 03157/1994
    Clan-Abby Hiland Verity
    NZKC 10485/1995
    Your Soul Affair From Borders Paradise
    Khayoz Perfect Crime
    ANKC 3100175098
    Etherial Chase The Ace
    ANKC 3100103443
    Danbeth Black Label
    ANKC 1210178
    Cucriche Chances Are
    ANKC 2100074265
    Khayoz Forbidden Love
    ANKC 3100137439
    Bordalace Bellissimo
    ANKC 2100064302
    Bawntawn Soul Affair
    ANKC 4100048903
    Moulen Rouge From Borders Paradise
    ZBrH 10879
    Golden Shadow From Borders Paradise
    ZBrH 9306
    Rhonabwy Total Eclipse
    Classicyds Congeniality
    Trucharm Amazing Grace
    ZBrH 8700, ANKC 4100092085
    Monochrome Currencycreek
    ANKC 2100056644
    Trucharm Royal Spirit
    ANKC 2100017458